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• The stitching on the sides and armhole are closed and sewn at the English way.

• All seams are made for a high wear resistance.

• The back is bagged and then rebound to 2 mm .

• For wrists and necks are used different adhesives for different fabrics and styles of necks, wrists and shirts.

Classical neck is made with under-neck to have balene.

• Continuous point to give more finesse the slot.

• For Tailoring are used twisted and double twisted cotton fabrics, easy to board and optimal wearability. Finest fabrics are also available for customized shirts.

English way


Let's see only one seam, they are actually two: one on the inside and outside of a shirt to don't have an internal chain stitching typical double needle stitching, which is worse if the stitching comes undone chain by unstitching the entire side and armhole.
This process requires a double working-process.

high wear resistance


The yarn used for all stitching is a 100% polyester high wear resistance.
It 's important to note that all seams for a good picture, especially finish and durability have 8 stitches per cm.

rebound to 2 mm.

It means that the fabric lenght forming the back and shoulders are sewn together for the first time inside her blouse, and once again clinched the outside.
We see, therefore, only one seam. Actually there are two seams, one in 8 mm. (Internal) and the other to 2 mm. (External) from the cut.


Balena is an additional cut of fabric that is sewn all around the under-collar to insert plastic support pull back the tips of the neck to get it firmer and have a 'best picture'.


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