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groom suit
Viezzer Pizzin Tessile

- EXCELLENT OUTLET .... from weaving of the fabric to the Tailoring.... to help you in the better choice....

- We are a LOCAL BUSINESS: in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) produce silk and wool-silk fabric for groom suit, in Pordenone the natural finishing of the fabric, in Venezia the tailoring of the suit and in Treviso the tailoring of the shirt.

- WE OFFER: for MAN, silken and silk-woolen GROOM SUIT (bespoke only), HIRE SUITS, business suits, then, bespoke service for shirts and suits (also in 100% woolen fabrics), a comprehensive range of menswear. For WOMAN, optimal choice of foulards, scarves, shawls and stoles in silk and wool. (COLLECTIONS Man and Woman spring summer 2014 )

- Benefits of our customers. Fit of our garments.

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